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Archie's name revealed
Other Names, etc. Captain of Royal City Knights
Personal Information
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Eye Light Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation White Knight Level 25
Affiliation Tolza Godolschleim[1]
Teammates Tolza Godolschleim
Manga debut Chapter 2

Archie is a teammate of Tolza's second team.


Archie is cute petite girl with blond hair and a headband around it. She has light blue eyes.[3]


She seems to have an eccentric side but still is kind towards her teammates. Also has a one-sided love for Tolza, hoping him to take her as his bride.


Archie is together with Tenmuo. After a little quarrel, she then asks Tolza to let her see his holograms, but is rejected and says she won't steal it. At a weapon store, she looks for a certain axe model. She looks at Tolza and blushes a little. She faces a level 17, Blue-Golem. As she defeated it, she asks Tolza why he doesn't fight. As Tolza answers her question. she states that she likes that smooth talking side of him. She thanks Tolza for buying the axe and says she'll treat it well. Tolza asks Archie if it is cool walking around with a cool sword but she answers him unsrely. Frodor appears and mistakes Archie for being Tolza's girlfriend, but gets her hopes down when Tolza says she's just another member of his team. Archie suggests to let Frodor join the team. After a bath, she then uses her sex appeal to get noticed by Tolza, but gets coldly ignored. She talks about how he ended letting Frodor join and questions how he chooses his comrades, but is told she'll understand soon. They then proceed to sleep together. She asks if he would take her as his bride. She says that the person who defeats the Overlord is usually called a Hero. She questions him why are Subjugators got their name.[4]

Next day, they prepare for their next mission. Archie takes on a and loses her leg. She gets enraged by how Tolza could kill Frodor, asking for the reason. Soon, she gets beheaded by Tolza.[5]


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