Armil Rad Arbuscular
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Personal Information
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Eye Green
Hair Blond
Occupation Shroom Shooter
Manga debut Chapter 1

Armil Rad Arbuscular is a girl who's part of Cirque de Malebolge.[1]


Armil has short blond hair. She is almost wearing all white. She has "+" (plus-shaped) eyes.



Past Edit

Armil was orphaned around the time the 22nd Overlord reeked havoc. She was then taken in by Cirque de Malebolge and lived with them ever since.

Plot Edit

Armil suddenly appears to Tolza, telling her name. She asks Tolza to join Tolza's Overlord hunt, but she is rejected. She is being ignored by Tolza. She tells him she is still talking. She is asked to leaved by Tolza. She gets pissed and throws a bomb at Tolza. She ask how he likes her now. She is slightly hit by a bullet shot by Dougie which shatters a glass behind her. She is given as bad look by Cupire. Armil is hit by Dougie and punched by Vereaux. Tolza suddenly appears in front of her, close to her face. She is introduced to Tolza's teammates. She is told to be good as his teammates to join his team. She is scared by Tolza's words and expression. She starts to cry gradually. She tells him she doesn't know what reason to live for anymore. She asks him to take her as she is willing to do anything. Later, she goes to look for Tolza. She comes and see that Tolza's teammates are dead and that Tolza has won and is alive. She is disgust by her surrounding.[2]

Some time passes after that incident, her guardian in Cirque de Malebolge conveys the message he received that the entire circus will become the next Demon Overlord. Armil was the only one who felt or even shown sorrow from the news and went to her room to sulk. The ringleader arrives to comfort her and leaves a box with a piece of a Demon Overlord.


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