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[[Category:Defined-Type Jobs]]
[[Category:Defined-Type Jobs]]
[[Category:Middle-Class Jobs]]

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Other Names, etc. Unsheather
Known Battoushis Arles Giano
Manga debut Chapter 14

Information Edit


Battoushi Job Stats

A Defined-Type Middle-Class Job that allows those with it to calculate trajectories, and cuts space itself along with any physical objects on that course.

As it looks like people with this Job swiftly draw their blades, people began to call them Battoushi.

Touching a "weapon" is the requirement to start calculating trajectories, the definition of "weapon" is anything as long as the pointed end is sharp, which means that even a shard of glass or a knife could be used, and that all sorts of weapons are possible.

Their cutting range is equal to the length of the blade they are touching multiplied by their level, calculated in meters


Arles Giano slicing a train in half

Trajectory formulas are dependent on levels: Linear Functions are available from the start, Quadratic Functions are available at level 30, Cubic Functions at level 50 and Quartic Functions at level 70.

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