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Brave is the first chapter to Yakushoku Distpiari.

Summary Edit

At the beginning, Xandub of the Central Tuning Department oversaw a gathering for Subjugators, including Truza, as a spokesperson to send them off to assemble a team.

Truza arrives at a bar and sat at the farthest corner of the room. A girl named Almy aggressively approached him to join his team because her home and loved ones were eradicated by a Demon Overlord. Although impressed that the girl recognized him as a Subjugator, he dismissed her by putting on his ear buds. Almy grew agitated at Truza's behavior and asked for an explanation. He responded with a snark comment, "Obviously... putting on my ear buds." He then tells her that he doesn't care what her reasons are and that she should leave. Almy tries to convince Truza otherwise but to her dismay, he said for her to get out of his sight. She responds back by attacking him with her Shroom Shooter Job which blows a hole in the was behind him. He was again impressed but Truza declared he has no intentions on adding a person who throws a tantrum into his team.

Truza's teammates arrives and attacks her then he threatened to kill her if she doesn't stop harassing him. She starts crying, telling them that she has no other reason to live. Truza's team left her behind and headed to the Miasma Forest as a short cut to the next station. When walking they were walking through the forest, they were approached by a Blue-Slime The team headed for battle.

Almy searches for Truza and his team and finds everyone, in exception of Truza, killed.

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