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Whispering is the second chapter of Yakushoku Distpiari.


Truza and his new team arrive to Bell Town on a train with Archie's head sticking out the window. Tenmug comments on her behavior then she blown him off by calling him chrome dome. After Tenmug attempted to talk to Truza, who was listening to music, Truza looked at the Demon Overlord report and noticed that there was very little information on it. Archie wanted to be nosy but Truza denied her request to look.

They final depart the train and left the station, looking for a motel while Tenmug left to find the Barrier Builder Guild to stabilize the force-field. Truza bought Archie a battle ax to train against a Blue-Golem

After testing Archies new weapon, a teenager named Frodor confronted the duo with groceries, asking to join their team. He displays his disturbing Job, Nostril Mage, to them and conveyed his reasons why he wanted to join, saving the world, then Truza chops Frodors mucus; telling him that there is no need for his half asses reasons within a Subjugators team. The now discouraged Frodor escorts them to his house and inside was his bed ridden sister and Danger. After treating Frodors sister, the doctor leaves the house but not without whispering, "I bet you're jealous of their red blood".

On the balcony of his house, Frodor placed a price on his services and Truza commented on how expensive it is. Frodor said that's how much his sisters medication is and is willing to leave her alone as long as she can use her job. Truza and Archie left the Frodor residence to the motel they rented.

Archie comes out the shower while Truza goes over the overlord reports. She brings up Frodor to get his attention; Truza responded that Frodor would be useful down the line. She asks him how does he choose his teammates then he said that she will find out soon enough. They shift the conversation on how much good Truza does for people and Arcie kisses Truza, climbs on top of him then asked for a compliment.

Truza and Archie wake up naked in the bed with Archie asking to be Truza's bride after the overlord is killed and why are people like Truza called Subjugator and not heroes. Truza responds, "it's becuause we are not very courageous".

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