That's Why It Stays Sheathed
Volume 1
Chapter No. 3
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That's Why It Stays Sheathed is the third chapter of Yakushoku Distpiari.


After waking up, Archie commented that she never saw Truza fight and asked what is a Subjugator. Truza replied that they are made for the soul purpose to counter the Demon Overlords. Archie then asks what's his skill and He said that it's something heroic. Archie laughs and jokes with Truza about the properties of his skill but he did not reply this time around.

Around that time, Frodor leaves to join up with his new group members. His sister tells him that by the time he returns, she will beat the illness and they both walk away.

Truza and Danger converse at the bell tower about Dangers Job as a Time Mage.Danger tells Truza that everyone is born with a job that makes up their entire being, no matter if he or she is well or sick, loves it or hates it, doing their job puts people at ease. Truza then asks if Danger was part of the team that took down the tenth overlord. Danger confirms it then explains his long perilous journey with the group to defeat the overlord then four years later, another one shows up. Truza apologiesbefore he asks Danger to join his subjugator group and Danger laughs it off. Danger asks if Truza dislikes his job, Truza was quiet. Danger then tells him that he reminds him of the Subjugator from fifty years ago and Truza will get used to his job.

A falling star lands at the construction site, which shook the entire town and noticed that it was the star of a level fifty Tenmug shows up despite the fact he was supposed to be in the Barrier Builders guild. Truza and his team then leaves the bell tower to the construction site and finds corpses. When they qent inside, they had to fend off small M.O.N.stars before the level fifty one appeared and killed Tenmug.They found an exit to a platfoirm in the site then the Blue Dragon appears to detach Archie's left leg. Frodor attacks the with his mucus construct. Truza decides to take action then kills Frodor. Truza then transforms using his skill Hero Compensation to borrow the power of his deceased teammates to jump fro level one to thirty.


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