Thus, He Unsheathes His Sword
Volume 1
Chapter No. 4
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Thus, He Unsheathes His Sword is the forth chapter to Yakushoku Distpiari.


Archie lies on her knees while Truza explains the nature of his power, Hero Compensation. Then tells her that he chooses teammates by their skill level and how he can take advantage of them, whether they are stronger or weak. Those who are too difficult to control, no matter how useful they are, will be left behind.

He notices that he is twenty level lower than the Blue Dragon so he walks over to Archie to kill her. She screams at Truza about his comment on how Subjugators are heroes while the rest are mob characters. He says that winning is everything and he would do anything to succeed and defeat everything in his path. She cries and said, "I thought you would marry me", before she was beheaded.

His sword transformed into an over sized cleaver after absorbing Archies's level. With one swing of his giant sword, he killed the Truza then vents his frustration of killing innocent and ignorant victims and the scorn, pity, and dream crushing in his life and starts screaming and crying. Dr. Dunger arrives and reassures Truza that he's doing the right thing, then Truza walks away to find new teammates.


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