Flow Out, My Tears! said the Demon Lord
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Volume 2
Chapter No. 5
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Flow Out, My Tears! said the Demon Lord is the fifth chapter to Yakushoku Distpiari.


The chief of watchers, Idokawa, walked across the hallway of the Seventh Division, commenting on how zealous his co-workers are. Two of his co-workers were conversing with each other and greeted him. In response to the greeting, Idokawa sexually harassed them by commenting on their panties. He then walked ask his co-workers for Shizuwake's location and left to where he has told she would be. He woke her up by pouring hot coffee on her face and teased her about how dirty and overworked she was.

After that, the conversation shifted into the previous Demon Overlord sightings and Subjugators. Shizuwake then disclosed the name of the Subjugator, Truza Goldschleim, that she oversees and his background as a photographer and the gruesome content of his photos. In the middle of Idokawa talking, an alarm sounded and revealed that the 23rd Demon Lord had finally awoke as the circus, Cirque de Malebolg, the very circus that Almy took refuge in.

Cirque de Malebolg received the news that they are the new Demon Overlord and was ecstatic in the exception of Almy as she is in shock of the news she had received.


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