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Cupire debuts
Personal Information
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Occupation Dream Mage
Affiliation Truza Goldschleim
Teammates Truza Goldschleim
Manga debut Chapter 1

Cupire was a former teammate of Truza. She was a Dream Mage.[1]


Cupire has short brown hair that passes down her head.


Cupire is nice and a little on the timid side. She seems to more concern to Truza than everyone else in her team especially when he was injured. It could be possible that she has feelings for him.[2]


Cupire appears and asks if Truza was injured. She gives Almy Ladarbasqur a bad look for trying to injure Truza. She interrupts Truza. She says it's an absolute pleasure to be able to travel with him. She tells him she looked him up. She thanks him for acknowledging her on the mission. She still feels like she can't save the world, but she'll do her best. After hearing her out, Truza pets her on her hat and tells her to get some rest while she can. She is extremely nervous and thanks him again. Truza has some work for Cupire to do. She and her teammates come to the mission. She and her teammates start the battle. She is killed at the hands of Truza by his Hero Compensation.[3]


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