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Dougie the Gunner closeup
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Gunner
Affiliation Truza Goldschleim
Teammates Truza Goldschleim
Manga debut Chapter 1

Dougie was a former teammate of Truza.[1]


Dougie has dark blond hair. He wears a black eyepatch over his left eye. He also wears green coat with fur around the hood. Inside, he wears a purple shirt. He wears blue pants, following with brown boots. He carries around his rifle.



Dougie defends Truza from Almy Ladarbasqur by grazing her cheek with a bullet. He then asks if he did something wrong again then his other teammates arrive. When they left Almy behind and took a train to the Miasma Forest, he asks Truza if he is trusted them. He is assigned on a mission. On the mission, he sees a flower which bloomed and is still fresh. He activates Hawk Eye when he noticed an ominous presence then a Blue Slime appears. He recognizes it as a popular monster then readied to fight and has his gun set. When Almy arrives, he was found dead.[2]


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