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Other Names, etc. Chief
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Yellow
Hair Brown
Occupation Chief Watcher
Affiliation Division Seven of the Watchers
Teammates Shizuwake
Manga debut Chapter 1

Idokawa is the chief of the 7th Division of the Watchers.



Idokawa is usually being funny by sexually harassing his co-workers, but he seems harmless.


Idowaka walked across the hallway of the Seventh Division, commenting on how zealous his co-workers are. Two of his co-workers, Perier and Coco, were conversing with each other and greeted him. In response to the greeting, Idowaka sexually harasses them by commenting on their panties. He asks where's Shizuwake and Coco tells him that she's in the Database Room G putting her report together.

He shows up to Room G and stands by and pours hot tea on the sleeping Shizuwake to wake her up. He then asks how many days she was in the room, and galls at the fact she didn't shower for three days. After she got up from the couch, he asks if she remembers the previous Demon Overlords.

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