Shroom Shooter
Shroom Shooter
Known Shroom Shooters Almy Ladarbasqur
Manga debut Chapter 1

Shroom Shooter is Almy's Job.



Shroom Shooter Job Stats


Almy using a mushroom as a shield


Almy using a mushroom as a platform

An Environment-Type Low-Class Job, people with this job have the ability to breed fungi in their bodies and utilize them. Fungi is cultivated inside organs on their shoulders and they can freely discharge them at will. The higher their level the more fungi they can breed. There are 26 types of hyphae, and the type of fungus that suits a persons constitution varies.

Armis hypha is the "Explosion Fungi" they move through the air seeking thermal energy and blowing up their target. It has been shown that when Almys mushrooms explode they release spores that when inhaled causes mushrooms to grow inside the person who inhaled them causing them to explode.She has been shown also using her mushrooms as shields and platforms.

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