Known Subjugators Truza Goldschleim
Ezechiel Vanderschleim
Manga debut Chapter 1

Subjugator (討伐士 Tōbatsushi) is a Job specializing in defeating the Demon Overlord. In order to fight, subjugators use their ability Hero's Compensation steal their dead allies levels to temporarily augment their own. However unlike other jobs, Subjugators cannot gain experience to increase their level, only gaining temporary level boosts.[1]


In recorded history the first sighting of a subjagator was 1200 years ago, at the time, possible candidates for names were things like "Absorber" and "Black-Blooded Warriors". However, when it was established that they called forth the Grave Function, they ended up being called "Grave Callers". After that, when the Demon Overlord System was introduced, they were acknowledged as the most efficient approach in dealing with the Demon Overlords and they were renamed to the currently-used "Subjugators", to make it easier to understand that they subjugate their enemies. The General public often mistakenly sees it as "an ability that makes them unusually hard to kill" or, alternatively, "an ability that suddenly makes them stronger". However, because there are only demerits in regards to exposing the true nature of their ability, subjugators use that misconception to their advantage.


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